Aligners: the pros and cons of a new method of correcting malocclusion

Advantages of aligners:

Almost invisible from the outside.
Comfortable to care for. The patient does not have to buy a collection of additional products (brushes, wax, an orthodontic toothbrush, a special Superfloss thread) and to clean their teeth in a quality manner.
Made of hypoallergenic medical grade thermoplastic material, it does not contain metal elements and does not have sharp edges.
They do not require a change in diet (they do not interfere with eating nuts and biting off apples), as they are removed during a meal.
Have a predictable virtual result. The plan and terms of treatment become known at the stage of diagnosis.

Cons of aligners:

In some cases, they are less effective – for example, with severe skeletal anomalies.
They require total self-control and clear self-discipline, as they do not work “on the shelf” or “in the pocket.” They should be worn at all times as directed by your doctor.

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