Antibiotics and are what causes indescribable horror in most people with a fine mental organization. Contrary to popular belief, it does not work on viruses. Equally terrible vaccinations work against them. And then selectively – anti-vaccines are immune to vaccinations. It is called obscurantism. But now is not about that.
Traditionally, a little history.
For centuries, our smaller brothers – microbuses mowed down entire cities and countries. Well, there – u̶r̶e̶a̶p̶l̶a̶z̶m̶a̶ plague, cholera, typhus. The means of dealing with them were prayer and the installation of plague pillars in the center of the cities. The few who survived. The validity of these methods was, to put it mildly, questionable. Although, apart from “my neighbor tried and it helped her,” then there was nothing. But it is not exactly.
Jews, by the way, died less intensively, due to excessive hygiene. The enlightened Europeans firmly believed that this was a faithful conspiracy with the OTHER. Therefore, they gladly arranged massacres of the despicable nation.
And then in 1929. Fleming came and ruined everything with his penicillin and By the way, the incredible mess that was happening in his laboratory helped him in this. He just swelled and mold grew in a dish with colonies of microbes. Then natural observation worked. True, the medical community did not immediately appreciate the discovery, he received the Nobel Prize for penicillin already in 1945. But still…
Did you know that humanity could have been left without antibiotics at all if the early studies of penicillin had been conducted not on mice, but on guinea pigs? Penicillin is a deadly yad for them! The animal was unlucky. They are generally not very lucky in anything. In the course of experiments, they are massively subjected to life-giving euthanasia. Even the title is unfair. What do they have to do with the sea🤔? To pigs – all the more … Well, okay.
People are divided into two types. The first ones take care of the liver and take antibiotics for one or two days. The latter can swallow drugs uncontrollably for months. Fortunately, the chaos with the sale of drugs in our pharmacies contributes to this. Both those and others inflict irreparable harm on themselves! Every time you take antibiotics unreasonably or incorrectly, Fleming is rolled over in his coffin.

Antibiotics, such antibiotics … Saved tens, if not hundreds of millions of lives.

We settled on what Fleming would not like if he found out that you are taking antibiotics unreasonably or incorrectly.
Fleming’s genius grasped Zen and prophesied it! And he prophesied.
The unjustified use of penicillin has led to the fact that many bacteria have learned to resist it. Everyone wants to live, and our smaller brothers – microbes too.
Currently, there are about twenty main groups of antibiotics, and since the 60s of that century not a single one has been discovered. Where is the world heading ?!

Rumor has it that especially malicious strains have already been isolated, seemingly harmless spirochetes, insensitive to any of the groups of antibiotics! We ourselves bring hell and destruction closer to ourselves. Especially if such a typical ARCHYPESian wakes up like the plague. And if she cynically spits on all types of known antibiotics! .. The prospect is illusory real!

If you, naive, think that the image of the plague has firmly entered the culture, has become a household name and this is something medieval, then I can assure you that the foci of this bacillus are successfully circulating for themselves in the garbage dumps of India, Vietnam and other, no less beautiful, southern resorts … And if there is also a heap of cholera … Well, which is diarrhea, vomiting, diarrhea, diarrhea, diarrhea vomiting, death … Well, you understand.

Although, this is all lyrics, but what is real is tuberculosis. About 8 million new arrivals are registered each year, of which about 3 million have died prematurely due to tubercle bacillus insensitivity to treatment, and the lion’s share is in this country. Mycobacterium is a very cunning bacterium. Has a lipid membrane through which antibiotics do not penetrate. That plus even the chaos with their consumption!

The most common mistake of those who think that they are the smartest is to take self-prescribed antibacterial drugs after the doctor has already prescribed them, and “now the symptoms are similar.” Well, or on the competent advice of the brother / matchmaker / nephew who already accepted them, who liked it.
Antibiotics are also used mistakenly for viral diseases, with every sneeze, so to speak. They are up to the same place for viruses. I will say in a whisper, otherwise, you know who will come running right now. Vaccinations to help you. But that is another story. Do not be ill.
P. S. One of the most common questions I am asked is how many months should I abstain from conception after taking antibiotics? Months ?! Why not years? The half-life of most antibiotics is on average 6-8 hours. Wait a day, don’t rush. Well, half a day, if it is unbearable at all. They look with disbelief.

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